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Ability to Monitor and Maximize Quality

SPA's reputation for more than 30 years has been based on objective and high-quality work. Stringent quality controls have been instituted to ensure the best product for the customer. These controls include regular review, oversight, and quality control standards, which have been the cornerstone for success. SPA will pass down these principles to the subcontractor team. Through the use of technical progress reports and periodic reviews of Task Order deliverables, SPA will monitor and maximize the quality of the products delivered under this contract. The Team Leader will coordinate with the assigned Task Leader to ensure task order execution from initiation to completion. Upon award, Task Leaders will be assigned responsibility for the day-to-day coordination and execution of the task. Under review by senior management, the Task Leader will craft a project plan to develop the Work Breakdown Schedule (WBS), deliverables, spending profile and quality controls.

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